Winding down prior for us doesn’t mean stopping, but as we fast approach the start of our Ride Across Britain, it’s been time to reduce the intensity of our sessions and go for easy miles. Yeah, whatever! 🤣

Sarah and I are just as bad as each other when it comes to reigning it in. During the past week we’ve cycled separately due to work and other commitments. Both collecting some nice cups and PBs on Strava (a social fitness tracking network that tracks your performance compared to other athletes).

I went out one day aiming for easy miles and ended up racing with someone that overtook me. My competitive nature coming out. But also due to the person under estimating how fast I was actually going. We get this quite a lot and end up playing cat and mouse with other cyclists.

Saturday we were back out together and we did manage to keep things lighter and enjoy some early bird easy miles, as Sarah was off to a festival in Bristol. A great catch up and chat was mostly about final prep for our event and our feelings about getting there and starting.

We did our own thing again on Sunday, I rode with the David Lloyd cycling club, conquering Salcombe Hill which has been my nemesis for years. Sarah rode out on her return on Sunday, with some cracking PBs and a great end to our 10 months of training.

We are both feeling excited but also nervous, anxious and apprehensive. We have both had quite a few OMG moments this week as we realise the enormity of what we are about to do. Most people wouldn’t drive this distance, let alone cycle it!

We’ve received some amazing messages of support and donations for our charities this week, which really has helped us with our daily rollercoaster of emotions.

So we are now officially tapering, so we will do a couple of half hour spin sessions this week, but all very easy and definitely no PBs or hills to climb until we start.

We travel down to Lands End on Friday for our first night of camping. This may be our last blog before we kick off on our 980 mile challenge on Saturday. We will be posting regularly on Instagram (follow gogetyourcake) and Facebook (follow getyourcake) so please do follow our journey across Britain.

We will see you at the other end!!