It’s been a tough week, training wise. We have been cycling most days with a mix of indoor and outdoor sessions, based around the weather. We’re not generally ‘fair-weather’ but this week has been exceptionally rainy and we’re not taking any unnecessary chances with our safety.  Much of the week’s riding has been solo to fit in around our personal lives – although we did manage to turn up at the gym, unplanned, at the same time for a WattBike session mid week which was funny and we had a long ride together Saturday.

Weirdly neither of us are feeling the love for cycling this week. Strange right? From talking to other people who’re also doing the Ride Across Britain event in a few weeks it seems to be a common feeling – the culmination of 10 months of training and 6000 miles under our belts since November – and being so close to the start of the event. I’m sure this feeling of tiredness is a reaction to 10 months of preparation as well as the physical and mental reaction to ‘gearing up’ for what’s to come.

Saturday’s ride was a lovely route along the Jurassic coast with a lovely cake stop at Colyford cycles, one of our favourite pit stops. If you looked at our Strava accounts we look like we were flying along with lots of PR’s and a few cups (Strava/cylist talk, sorry!) but the reality was it felt hard and we were both lacking in enthusiasm and energy. However we know there will be days on our Ride Across Britain event where we won’t be feeling great, so we figure it’s good mental training and we keep each other as positive as possible with chat and laughter. You’ve just got to dig deep!

We’re starting to pack our kit up and make any final purchases we might need. This rainy weather has been helpful in some respects and it’s really made us question what we’ll need whilst cycling and for camping in extreme weather – we need to be ready for all weathers/temperatures but within our 16kg limit per person, which includes bedding!

Less than 3 weeks to go and the support from you all, and via our social media channels, this past week has really kept us going. Great to hear from others that will be on the event, advice from fellow cyclists or those who’ve done this ride before – and general banter and comments that cheer us up and keep us pedalling. Thank you to all. It means so much.

Full on training for the week ahead and then we start to wind down the miles and intensity, ready to conserve energy and rest our bodies before we set off. 18 days and counting!

We’re a real mix of emotions – excited, nervous, anxious, happy – but desperate to get to Lands Ends and start our ride.

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