The alarm goes off at 5.30am on a Sunday morning and sometimes it’s hard to find the enthusiasm to get up for another day in the saddle, especially when your body is tired from the week’s riding. So why do we do it?

Mental and physical well being – It’s well known that sport is good for the body and mind. Cycling is a good balance to our busy and sometimes stressful lives – a good way of letting off steam. When we are out on the bikes we can switch off and enjoy the here and now, taking in the views and enjoying the fresh air. The endorphins we get from the activity reduces our stress levels and releases much needed ‘feel good’ – it’s like morphine for our souls 😊
People – we have both met some amazing and inspirational people over the years through sport – many have gone on to become really good friends.
Friendship – we met at a triathlon club and started cycling together and have become the best of friends. We support each other on and off the bikes and spend most our time laughing – it’s a good tonic!
Achievement – we both seem to work better when we have a goal ahead of us, something to work towards – which is what the ‘cake’ in our brand is a reference to! Whatever the sporting goal is, crossing that finish line is an amazing feeling.
Developing ourselves – we’ve both had to overcome fears and blocks during the course of the training for this event. Whether it’s public speaking and being brave enough to speak to a room full of 140 guests at our recent black tie event, or overcoming issues climbing or descending hills – we’ve had to face it and overcome it. It feels good to be able to do something you didn’t think you could.
Change – we both find something really exciting about something new. Whether it’s a great new cafe to stop at en route, finding a different lane or exploring a new county – or discovering a new kit brand – there’s something exciting about trying something different. Change/mixing things up is good!
Charity – of course one of the reasons we’re going it (Deloitte Ride Across Britain!) is to help 2 amazing local charities, Farms for City Children and Hospiscare. If you can donate something to help us along the way, we would be extremely grateful

Since our training started in November, we have now cycled a whopping 5000 miles! Another full on week of training ahead, including another spinathon at David Lloyd (Exeter) 8-12 this Saturday, Exeter. For more info or to book in call David Lloyd reception on 01392 357240.